Climate change

August 13, 2010

Nuclear Power or Climate Change: Take Your Pick – a BNC business card and printable FAQ pamphlet

Posted by Barry Brook

So now I’m about to fly out to China for 5 days – probably the last of my international trips for 2010. I may not see you here until I get back to Australia, because WordPress blogs are blocked by the ‘Great Firewall of China’. It is possible, though difficult, to punch through this, but I honestly doubt I’ll try, since I have so many other things on anyway. Meanwhile, here are two things to talk over on BNC.

First, I want to highlight the ‘business card’  that was made by John Morgan. It’s terrific:

I suggest you print some of these out, and have them on hand to pass to people when you wish to talk about climate change and energy solutions. If nothing else, it’ll get people thinking (and reading BNC!). A good place to start handing them out is at the Walk Against Warming event, this coming Saturday.

Second, I’m very proud to distribute a new information pamphlet on nuclear power and climate change. It was created by my sister, Marion Brook. She calls it “The BraveNewClimate Real Climate Action FAQ”. It is designed to be printed, double-sided, and then folded thrice, to create a 6-panel, single-sheet pamphlet. It’s just brilliant (!), and relates directly to the more extensive FAQ material collected here.

Here is an image of the front side page – click on it to enlarge, and click here to download the high-resolution printable PDF version:

Here is the back page:

This would also be a great bit of paperwork to hand out in the Walk Against Warming, or to leave at your local doctor’s waiting room or other public places where information pamphlets are generally left. Oh, and if you find any typos or errors, let us know and we’ll create a revised version.

Finally, I should note that this pamphlet is targeted towards an Australian audience. Ideally, its core information should be readily available for a broader international audience. In this spirit, I’ve already had a volunteer to create a US-oriented version – and when that’s ready, I’ll post this up on BNC also. But if you live elsewhere, and wish to edit the pamphlet in order to make it better suited to your own country, then that would be great. To do this, just email me and I’ll send you the Word document version. Then edit it and send me back the revised, country-specific version. I’ll then upload it to BNC (after checking it) and provide a permanent link to it on the FAQ page.

Let’s continue to build the BNC community and get the message out there – there are real solutions to climate change and sustainable energy.

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