Climate change

August 4, 2010

Walk Against Warming in a city near you on 15th August 2010

Guest Post by Rob Parker. Rob is a civil engineer with over 30 years experience in both design and engineering construction of dams, freeways, water treatment and general infrastructure. More recently, when confronted by the environmental impacts of our patterns of consumption and growth, he decided to look at ways to influence our political policies. Its turned out to be much harder than first thought. He was a candidate for the NSW Labour Party in the State seat of Goulburn before realising the massive difficulties in getting the ALP to address climate change in a meaningful way. Rob lives in the NSW village of Berrima and campaigns on rational ways to address climate change.

The passion and guts displayed on Friday by Dr. Bradley Smith in Brisbane was a great demonstration of what happens when people of knowledge and courage are repressed. He grabbed Gillard’s limelight and shone it on the real issue of the need for urgent action on climate change.

Through the political haze of Abbot’s denial, Gillard’s gormlessness and the Green’s pursuit of failure we need some hardnosed clarity. On the 15th August supporters of real action on climate change have the chance to demonstrate our conviction that Nuclear Power is uniquely placed to mitigate climate change.

The annual Walk Against Warming will be held in a city or regional centre near you. Check out the locations in your state be visiting

Last year I went to the walk in Wollongong with the smiley face “Nuclear Power – Yes Please” poster. I certainly got some responses – some angry, some very welcoming and others just perplexed. My motivation is always to defeat climate change and educate my fellow Australian’s into the best way of achieving that goal.

This year, in line with the plans for action contained in my post of the 21st June, we can do a whole lot more.

The Sydney event will be held on the Sunday at 12 noon at Belmore Park opposite Central railway. Come along with your own poster and tees shirt. The Environmentalists For Nuclear Energy (EFN) tee shirt can be purchased from the Pistol Clothing Company in Sydney.

I’m getting some T-shirts printed with the Smiley Face “Nuclear Power? – Yes Please” as well.

There are some good poster ideas … I particularly like Poster #1: Nuclear Power or Climate Change — Take your Pick

In Sydney I would really like to link up with any other NSW based readers to make this a big day.

I’ve contacted Richard McNealI at EFN so that we can have a combined group and meet with them just before the walk starts at say 11.45am. I’m suggesting we meet first at the south western corner of Belmore Park.

If you can come along then let me know by emailing here.

But please, this is not just about a Sydney event.  Readers are Australia wide so even if you’re on your own or in a group, get your tee’s and posters ready and remember – have fun and be kind to each other!

Together we must defeat the forces that are preventing “Real Action on Climate Change”.


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