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June 4, 2009

“Spooked” by IFR on TV

Filed under: IFR (Integral Fast Reactor) Nuclear Power — Barry Brook @ 1:44 pm

Here’s something intriguing — an indication that the wider world is starting to pay some attention to the IFR. I suspect Tom Blees’ message is getting out into the popular culture further, faster than we may have suspected…

There’s a British TV show called “Spooks“, which is a spy drama. Episode 9 of this year’s season (sixth series) is about a race against time to find and deactivate a bomb planted in central London by an ex-IRA operative, and discover who is really behind the plot to kill them. It ends up involving Iran and nuclear power.

So why is this of interest to BNC readers? Well, here is the link — go forward to 47 min 42 sec: (EPISODE 9)

We have the UK Home Secretary talking:

Home Secretary UK: “Iran maintains that her nuclear programme is peaceful. We know to our cost that the reactionaries are interested in more than domestic power supply, but I’ve found a way to call their bluff. If Iran wants a peaceful nuclear programme, we’ll give it to them.”

[He spins computer screen, showing a reactor blueprint (I guess the S-PRISM!)]

Home Secretary UK: “The plans for an Integral Fast Reactor. It’s a nuclear plant. A safe nuclear plant. Bottom line: these plants cannot be used to produce nuclear weapons. Nobody has an excuse to bomb Iran, nobody has an excuse to invade Iran. Not if a nuclear programme is driven by these reactors… This plan represents our last, best hope for an enduring peace.”

This screened on ABC TV in Australia this week. About a dozen friends and relatives later emailed me to say they’d seen this. Someone’s paying attention!

And whilst I’m talking about IFR and television, some of you may not have seen this with Tom Blees that was put up on YouTube about a month ago. In a recorded in a recorded conversation at Davis Media Access / Davis Community TV in Davis, California on March 10, 2009, Tom talks to host Mark Graham for about 30 minutes on the technologies described in Prescription for the Planet.

Here are the interview links, broken up into 3 x 10 minute time slices:

It’s a great summary of Integral Fast Reactors in an easily digestable format — so please do pass the links around.

Finally, Haydon Manning, in an essay in The Australian a few days ago, also gave P4TP a plug…

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