Climate change

November 8, 2008

Obamamania: How might it affect climate change?

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I am not a political commentator – just an “average jo”! And if you would like to view a very funny YouTube clip form another Average Jo concerned about climate change go to

I have watched the media go crazy over Obama’s election – and I am deeply moved by USA’s vote for a man of coloured origin. Also a man about whom we really know so little, but one who seems to be smart and so right for our times. What will he really be able to deliver?

Obama has, throughout his campaign, talked about an 80% reduction in GHG emissions by 2050, a carbon cap and trade system, R&D for renewable energy, tax incentives for renewable energy, Green Jobs training …. all the things I want to hear for Australians too.

So into the global system of influence and politics now is a USA President (Elect) who sounds like he cares and “gets” it. If everything truly is connected – as we know it is (Just look at the finanical crisis if you need more evidence) – then this man’s very presence should make a shift.

The horse trading will go on – that is politics, but I continue to dare to hope that real change is near – and work for it too (nothing comes through hope alone!)


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